WHY Mano Marriage
One of the commonest reasons of divorce is having a mental or a neurological disorder in either of the couple, especially in wife. Tolerating psychiatric disorder in husbands by their wives is often seen than vice versa, due to various cultural, psychological, social, financial and family reasons.
Parents of sons and daughters having serious psychiatric or neurological problems want to get their wards married off somehow or the other for various reasons. The commonest reason being, the strong cultural belief that the ward will improve after marriage. The parents are also worried about the future of their wards after their death.
The sexual urge in these patients is natural and understandable. They also need an outlet for their sexual needs. Everybody has a birthright to marry and have a family life. But concealing the psychiatric or neurological problems in the boy or the girl before entering into the wedlock is the commonest reasons for divorce in such marriages. Many a times treatment is stopped after marriage leading to relapse. Though who continue treatment seruptiously , are under constant pressure.
This website is offering services of arrainging marriages of such boys and girls after voluntarily disclosing all the facts of their illness so that the marriages will be solemnized with full understanding and reasonable expectations, so as to avoid future disappointments and sufferings of both the families. The main purpose of marriage is not only sex and having children, but also for companionship, security, comforts of home, emotional support and for caring and sharing each other.
If you appreciate and approve this idea, parents are requested to register their wards on this website for searching a suitable life partner.
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