i agree any condition i am support you

 changlya swabhawache wa shikshit swabhawacha waktimatwa pahije

 changlaya swabhawacha wa shikshit wekthibmatwache vichar asnara wekti pahije

 Changlya swabhawacha wa vyaktimtwacha pahije

 Tchanglya swabhwacha shikshit pahije

 Changlya swabhawacha


 Already Registered on line and fees paid in Bank of Maharashtra a/c but no ID and password known to us

 changlya swabhawacha

 Amount deposited in a/c of musium of brain and mind on Feb,2015

 The list shown is out dated.please show the parents


 Hi, I like ur profile if ur interested then please sende a msg....

 I am a psychiatrist. I have many clients who may be interested in your website. But I have to be sure of ur credibility before I do so.

 already member

 My Profile is not active. I am unable to search for profiles for matrimonial purpose. Kindly look into the same. Thanks.

 The purpose behind the portal is good.However some improvements may be worthwhile to do.

 Pease give details of marriage buro

 We would request you to kindly speed up the process so that we may start seeing the girl profiles for my son Sandeep.... Thanks... I have already transferred the donation amount of Rs 2000 yesterday to your account.... Nagaraj

 We have looked into all the profiles and shown interest for a few. What next ? Please let us know... Thanks...



 Good Concept

 Please cancel registration

 Please cancel registration



 Sir, my profile is pending for verification, so I could not see the other profiles to match me. I request you to please verify my profile so I can proceed further. With regards, Sammer Gawade

 Sir, I can not view profiles of others, as my profile is pending for verification. Please verify and allow me to join the Mano marriage site.

 No new profiles are there. Kindly speed up the process...

 Myself Meenal Ravale, I registered by transfer 1500/- to the given account no. My profile is still showing as verification pending..

 Sir , my profile is pending for verification. Please assist me as early as possible. Ravindra Gajakas

 WebSite has main problem that photo can not be uploaded even size in bytes is 273 KB. Developer has not used exception handling . he has not tested website thoroughly.

 I found one feedback saying paid the registration fees but still profile is not verified and she can not see the profiles or she can not search, so should I wait to rectify ypur website problems and then pay the registration fees?

 Same profiles since long. Kindly post new profiles....


 Please allow to search profiles with out payment of fees.All web sites,community matrimony etc do that.For getting contact details only you may charge.I wanted to marry a Schizophrenic woman who is under control and behave normal.She must be highly qualified.Since you do NOT allow me to search I am not sure that profiles exist and in that case I do not want to pay

 please verify my profile. i have deposited money already

 I registered my profile.Yesterday I paid Rs 1500 and sent the photo copy of receipt by whatsapp.I was told my profile will be activated today.Still it is not activated.i am unable to search.If I try internal error comes.Please activate today. Thank you, V.Muralidharan Bangalore


 please show me the profiles of brides

 i just want to see profile but i am not able to see

 Hi, I am Venkat. Looking for a groom for my sister who have recovered from psychosis. Please share your details if you are interested. []

 Please show latest male candidates list, having age upto 40

 Please include more male profiles

 Great innovative initiative ! Thank u sir for addressing this much needed but some how neglected area. Am sure this initiative will spread to other parts of the world also.

 Hello noone is picking up the help line. I want to edit my profile. I am unable to do it.

 SIr, i fulfilled everything, why are you keeping my profile in pending

 Kindly make an app so that details can be done smoothly .

 Hi I have uploaded all the documents kindly activate my profile

 I wish to see other profiles.i have already paid membershop amount.receipt photo is sent on whatsapp

 I cannot change my password and not to login ? in Kanika Sharma Profile .....

 Even incase I am ablr to log in not able to change the password and user name I do not see any option to do that please suggest

 i have ocd and bipolar.i am confident that i will succeed if som one supports me.

 my name is trinadhphanikolli,i have bipolar and ocd.i am fair and handsome i feel.icompleted secondary education.i can speak english fluently.




 Form is not submitted still

 Please delete my profile. Name Miss. Madhuri Suresh Walzade.

 I want to delete my profile. My email id is Please tell me the steps to delete my profile.

 Sir, I am not able to register, as I can’t create the password

 I am able to update/add medical certificate under Psychiatric/neurological problems but while Saving it is uploaded or saved. Can you please help me with this.

 I am unable to register

 Most disturbing portal. It is just another form of discrimination and money minting.

 Sir,I had registered in mano marrage.The first registration was succesful also I paid 1500 rupees thrw Google pay in your bank account.But the profile is not opening it says that the verification is under process.

 Hello, I would like to know if there is any initial free membership?

 In my profile my address and ph no and other details in correspondence details it shows please contact us why it is so

 I need bank name, bank branch, bank ifsc code, other bank account details for payment of 1500/- for matrimonial service through your website.

 Hi,I am Vipin.Looking for a groom for my Sister.Please share your details if you are interested. (

 please provide the link of donation

 kindly send your prospects regarding my marriage to

 Hi, I am please to inform you that my marriage have been fixed. Please delete my Profile ID 251, Name: Abhishek Sadanand Rao. Kindly acknowledge confirming deletion of my Profile. Thanks & Regards

 can someone help me how to register in this site. im trying since very long time.Looking for a grrom for my daughter who is stress induced schizophrenic and very much under control No symptoms.

 Profiles should have photos; Once we select any profile in favorites then later we should be able to unselect it again; Search option not working - it says "No Permission To View This Page"..... these 3 points should be worked on - on this website.

 Iam searching bride for my brother if any one intrested contact on

 I am from hyderabad, interested people can do a whatsapp call, i will tell everything naresh reddy 38

 any body from telangana...

 I have clinical there anyone who can get married to me

 You are an inspiration to all of us. Your encouragement matters to me the most.

 Gajanan Ashtankar

 09 Aug 2023 NEFT Dr-MAHB0000060-MUSEUM OF BRAIN AND MIND-NETBANK, MUM-N221232587673680-FORMARRIAGEREGISTR N221232587673680 09 Aug 2023 1,500.00, PAYMENT DONE WITH NEFT REFERENCE NO - N221232587673680

 ?????? ???????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???????

 I have also forwarded confirmation of Rs.1500/- sent to Manomarriage to the phone number give in the site. I am yet receive a confirmation in this regard Siju Jose father